Imagine Retailer provides tools and technology to help you instantly rent more furniture, appliances and electronics online!

We are a full-service website company focused exclusively on serving furniture, appliance and electronic rent-to-own and retail businesses.

As industry professionals, we offer websites tailored specifically to meet the needs of your RTO store.

  • Show weekly, monthly and cash prices, and accept payment for the first week's or month's rent, or the full cash value.
  • Gather customer leads.
  • Accept online rental orders.

From the product pages, customers can...

  • Share and rate the product on social media
  • Email the product to a friend
  • Print the product
  • Instantly contact you for more information
  • Add to wishlist and save for later
  • BUY NOW at the full cash price
  • MAKE THEIR FIRST RENTAL PAYMENT for a weekly lease
  • MAKE THEIR FIRST RENTAL PAYMENT for a monthly lease
  • APPLY NOW and fill out a rental order for your approval
  • Make continuing online payments through your merchant service's payment portal.

So what are you waiting for?
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